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Giuseppe Verdi

10.10.1813 (Le Roncole, Italy) – 27.01.1901 (Milano, Italy)

Main performers

  • Zamira Pasceri (Director)
  • Dariusz Mikulski (Music Director / Producer)
  • Anthanasios Kolalas – (set design / costumes)
  • Municipal Orchestra & Moysa Orchestra Thessaloniki


Aida is an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi based on a libreto by Antonio Ghislanzoni based on a scenario by the Egyptologist Auguste Mariette. The premiere took place on December 24, 1871 in the Khadivial Opera House in Cairo.
The opera is set in Egypt at the time of the pharaohs. The title character Aida is an Ethiopian king’s daughter who was kidnapped to Egypt as a hostage. The Egyptian general Radamès has to choose between his love for Aida and his loyalty to the pharaoh or marrying Amneris, the pharaoh’s daughter.

In the staging of the Megaron Theater in Thessaloniki (Greece) and directed by Zamira Pasceri and stage design by Athanasios Kolalas, the historical background was perfectly presented. The orchestra consisting of Municipal Orchestra Thessaloniki and Moysa Orchestra Thessaloniki under the musical direction of Dariusz Mikulski and spectacularly sung and dramaturgically performed roles of the main actors have contributed to a world-renowned premiere of Verdi’s masterpiece.

Producers and main actors:
Zamira Pasceri – Director
Dariusz Mikulski – musical direction
Athanasios Kolalas – set design, costumes
Sofia Mitropoulou – Aida
Kassandra Dimopoulou – Amneris
Philippos Modinos – Radames
Armando Puklavec – Amonasro
Vassilis Denachis Kostopoulos – Ramfis
Christina Mavini – Sacerdotessa
Municipal Orchestra Thessaloniki & Moysa Orchestra Thessaloniki
Mixed Choir Thessaloniki

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