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El Greco

George Hatzinassios – Composer

Main performers


The opera “El Greco” is suggesting a research through out the great painter’s life and the truth he meant to offer with his own art. From Crete to Italy and then to Spain, the great Greek painter seems to be -beside his challenging the visual arts – in the research of a constant theme, that could be his re-union with the spirit of Creation and God. This work, reminding the first Christian Churche’s ideals, becomes the meeting point of different religious art styles, while his use of color seems a bridge among the two great Christian traditions, of East and West.

El Greco’s feeling of human soul’s tragedy, willing to go on flying towards heaven, while the body keeps her nailed on earth, is sublimated in his painting. El Greco’s own sence for unlifting is strong, but he doesn’t have any other means for flying, except the wings his ancestor Icarus will offer him, after his overcoming three strong passions: wealth, glory, power; three steps towards eternity. Icarus is watching him, first in Saint Catherine’s monastery in Heraclion, then in Titian’s workshop in Venice and in the Inquisition’s rooms in Toledo. Icarus will finally call El Greco to join him to a trip towards the sun, the living light that doesn’t burn, but offers enlightenment. The result of such a “trip” is that El Greco seems – even today- to be the ideal man for to express enlightenment’s meaning in painting

EL GRECO – The Structure

The opera is divided in three acts and seven scenes. Following the prescriptions of the classical operas, trusts in the power of Lyrism for the description of the situations’ tension and the characters’ dynamism. The spectator is to be taken by solo arias, duos, trios and quartets, minimal recitative, choir, orchestral and ballet parts, all animated by the modern direction, and travel through temptations and dangers, always joined by the hero’s boldness, honesty and great talent.

Producers and main performers:

George Hatzinassios (Composer)
Dariusz Mikulski (Music director / Producer)
Elias Liamis (Libretto)
Vassilis Anastasiou (Director)
Dario di Vietri – Domenico Theotokopoulos – El Greco
Silvia Dalla Benetta – Sophia
Marita Paparizou – Sylvana
Omar Kamata – Manolios
Carlo Torriani – Lord Molino
Paul Zachariades – Icarus
Christos Delizonas – Tiziano
Teofilos Ioannidis – Felix Hortensio Paravicino
Evgene Gunko – Inquisitor
Karlos Romero – Dancer
Soritis Triantis – Petros
Christos Priftis

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