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Bertrand Giraud

Born in 1971, Bertrand GIRAUD obtained his Piano Diploma and his Chamber Music Diploma in 1995 with “Mention Très Bien” at the Conservatory of Geneva in Dominique MERLET ‘s Class. He also obtained a Vocal Accompaniment Diploma from the Paris Conservatory. Since 1995, his main teachers have been maestro Bruno CANINO, Colette ZERAH, and Aquiles DELLE VIGNE, all of which were paramount in his artistic evolution. Under their supervision, Mr. Giraud studied chamber music, accompaniment, composition, musical analysis, and improvisation.

Mr. Giraud has won numerous national and international musical contests, such as the Flame Competition and the Chopin Piano Competition (Texas, USA), in which he was awarded the second prize. Mr Giraud has performed not only in Europe (France, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Germania, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugual, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Serbie Switerland, Turkey, Ucrainia), but also Morrocco in the two Americas, China, Japan, Singapur, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailandia. An experienced soloist, he has worked with numerous conductors and orchestra (Lodz philharmonic, North Czech Philharmonic Teplice, Lublin philharmonic Orchestre symphonique du Sodre, Orchestre provincial de Rosario, … ) and played in several duets with other well-known musicians and chamber groups, such as Pierre AMOYAL, Bruno Canino, Bruno Pasquier, Henri Demarquette, Ami Flamer, Philippe Pierlot, Benoit Fromanger and L’Octuor de France, among others.

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Also, he played with some orchestra’s of Paris or Cleveland soloists in the season of the orchestra. Many players of the frenchs orchestras ask his collaboration for concerts in the official season. In 2000, he did his debut at New York, city where he is now invited on a regular basis. The acknowledgement of his craftsmanship lead him to work with France-Musiques, as well as the American TV, Italian TV and Thai TV. In this last instance, he had the pleasure to perform for the Queen of Thailand. He is jugde for many nationals and internationals competition (Audition of Sydney, Porto, Premio Zanfi of Parma/Liszt , Marsala, Safonov, AMA CALABRIA, Palma D’Oro, Bitola…) In addition to possessing a wide solo and chamber repertory including the main works of the tonal repertoire, Mr. Giraud has championed new music written by composers like Francaix, Pessina, and Kutnowski. He has also commisioned and premiered a new work written for him by composer Jean Louis PETIT.

Since 1998, he is the artistic Director of the Jean FRANCAIX ‘s competition. Mr. Giraud has recorded 17 cds for Erol, Maguelone and Anima-Records. All of these releases were received with acclaim in the especialized press.  He gives many masterclass in Serbie, Germania, Kazakhstan ( Academy of music of Astana), Lebanon, (conservatoire supérieur du Liban), DMBUC Ilija Nikolovski Luj Skopje, Université of music (Pristina/Kosovo), USA, Yonsei University of Seoul (South Korea), Gnessin School of Moscow.