The musicians of Stuttgart Consort are professionals from southern Germany with a lot of stage and concert experience and are all proven soloists on their instruments. In this and other occupations, they are the recipient of numerous awards and international awards. They also pass on their knowledge of the South German culture of brass music in master classes and workshops.

Well versed in jazz – Rüdiger Ruf (trumpet) separates since his 10th year of life only “in an emergency” of his instrument.

There is nothing in the trumpet that he does not know or play. Trumpet, flugelhorn and other variations of the instrument are no secret to him. Rüdiger Ruf has six trumpets that are constantly in use to present the best in the various projects, including world-famous musicals in Stuttgart.

His partner – Franz Trüster (trumpet), born in German-Bentschek, began as a solo trumpeter at the Staatsoper Klausenburg, later to the Staatsphilharmonie Klausenburg. As a soloist he plays regularly organ, chamber orchestra or

Philharmonic Orchestra. With his three wives (two daughters), Franz Tröster lives happily in Karlsruhe and teaches the youth music school Pforzheim in the subject trumpet. As a lecturer, he leads wind seminars, is currently playing “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, since 1990 as the first flugelhorn player with the Egerländer musicians.

Classical concert experience with a doctorate in the ensemble represents Prof. Dariusz Mikulski (Horn). During his studies at the Music Academy in Lodz, he won the most important competitions in his field in Poland, as well as various awards at international competitions in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Dariusz Mikulski resides in Berlin and Poland, but sits most of the time in the chair of an airplane. On these trips he works as a conductor, horn player, producer and lecturer around the globe. As an endorser he plays a K-10 of the company Hans Hoyer in Geretsried-Munich.

Since this year he was appointed by Otto Sauter to the World Brass Association. Trombone & Euphonium are performed by Alexander Wurz in the ensemble. Alexander Wurz is one of the most sought-after instrumentalists of his time. He is considered one of the style-defining young musicians in the field euphonium and German tenor horn / baritone.

In many projects and different occupations he lives out his versatility. In 2016 he released his first solo CD “Al of me”. Numerous radio and television recordings and CD productions underpin his leading position among professional musicians.

As an endorser of the company “Miraphone” he is a highly sought after lecturer and soloist, at workshops for deep brass or brass band. Alexander Wurz lives in the beautiful wine region near Rastatt in the Rhine Valley.

The foundation in deep metal is provided by Dominik Misterek. After studying in Mainz (with distinction) was Dominik Misterek Tubis in the New Philharmonic in Frankfurt. He also plays in renowned orchestras such as the Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden, the NDR Symphony Orchestra Hamburg, as well as the Melton Tuba Quartet. As a teacher, lecturer, conductor he passes on his skills and knowledge.He has the farthest journey to rehearsals and concerts, as he comes with his.


Ruediger Ruf – Trumpet
Franz Troester – Trumpet
Dariusz Mikulski – Horn
Alexander Wurz – Trombone / Tenorhorn / Euphonium
Dominik Misterek – Tuba

From the program:

  1. Roblee: Blues for brass
  2. F. Händel: Suit aus der “Wassermusik”
  3. Holst: Secound Military Suite
  4. Brahms: Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5
  5. Bernstein: “Maria”, “America” aus “West side story”
  6. Bizet: “Habanera” aus “Carmen”
  7. Moro: “Brasil”
  8. Henderson: “The saint Hallelujah”
  9. Garner: “Misty”
  10. Costa: “Tuba tiger rag”
  11. Sabourin: “Tuxedo junction”
  12. Anderson: “Bugler´s Holiday”
  13. Gale: “That´s a-planty”
  14. Garland: “In the mood”

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