The music of the first waltz king and his sons: Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss

Vienna Walts Kings


Warsaw Chamber Philharmonic

Direction and conductor: Dariusz Mikulski

Aleksandra Gudzio – mezzo-soprano

ballet company

He was born 220 years ago: Johann Strauss, the undisputed ruler in the realm of three-four time, the “King of Waltz”, as Richard Wagner once called him. Thanks to him and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard, who soon emulated him, the waltz became the most important dance of the 19th century, and the Strauss family raised light music to a level not previously known. Johann Strauss (father) laid the foundation for this with his orchestra, he gave the Viennese waltz its specific form and thus met the taste of a wide audience. However, he was soon contested for the title of king of the waltz by his own son Johann, who developed the waltz into the art form we admire so much today. Alma Mahler, Gustav Mahler’s wife, even wrote in her diary after the death of Johann Strauss (son): “In my opinion, a classic through and through and the greatest musical genius that ever lived…!”

There are many Strauss guest performances, but only the original from MEETMIKULSKI / BERLIN guarantees the highest quality. The Viennese Waltz Kings, one of the most successful Strauss tours in Europe, will be back in Germany in January 2024.

The Viennese charm – is there anything nicer than spending a nice evening in the world of Viennese waltz bliss? Let yourself be enchanted by this wonderfully lively music by the Strauss family and enjoy an unforgettable evening with the Warsaw Chamber Philharmonic, Aleksandra Gudzio (mezzo-soprano) and ballet ensemble – directed and conducted by Dariusz Mikulski.

Highlights from the Program:

  • Johann Strauß Sohn: Overture „Die Fledermaus“
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: „Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein“ (Orlovsky‘s Arie)
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: „Rosen aus dem Süden“ op. 388 (Balett)
  • Josef Strauss: Pele-Mele op. 161
  • Johann Strauß Vater: Eisele und Beisele Sprünge op. 202
  • Joseph Lanner: Hofballtänze op. 161
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: Eljen a Magyar, Polka op. 332 (Ballett)
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: „Frühlingsstimmen“, Walzer op. 410
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: An der schönen, blauen Donau (Walzer) op. 314
  • Eduard Strauß Mit Extrapost, Schnellpolka op. 314
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: Tritsch-Tratsch, polka op. 214
  • Fr. Lahar: „Vilja’s Lied“ aus „Lustige Witwe“
  • Johann & Josef Strauß Pizzicato-Polka
  • Fr. Lahar: „Meine Lippen sie küssen so heiß“ (Giuditta’s Arie aus der Operette „Giuditta“)
  • Johann Strauß Sohn: Kaiser-Walzer op. 473