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The traditional Viennese New Year’s Concerts on tour with Large Symphony Orchestra.
The Big Philharmonic Poland plays in the Viennese tradition of the most beautiful and most famous works by Strauss, Lehar and Breitlahner.

The floral decorations for the New Year’s Concert is traditionally since 1980, a gift from the city of Sanremo.
While the scope of the music program will always make works of the Strauss dynasty, each year focusing on other composers, such as Joseph Lanner or Hellmesberger is set.

The event now has a highly ritualized share. After the two main parts encores follow. Before the Blue Danube, the audience interrupts the raised baton with applause. Now the orchestra wants the (global) audience unites Happy New Year. At this point, could be welcomed as part of the European community of Zubin Mehta on 1 January 2007, Bulgaria and Romania.
As a conclusion of the concert waltz On the Beautiful Blue Danube (. Strauss, Son, op 314, 1867) and the Radetzky March (. Strauss, Sr., op 228, 1848) are traditionally played – but both only with appropriate applause (what there is never a shortage) a second and third addition. 2005, the Radetzky March was not played in memory of the victims of the tsunami of 26 December 2004 in Asia. When Radetzkymarsch the audience claps to the beat of traditional after conducting with.

Since 1959, the New Year’s Concert by the ORF will be broadcast live in more than forty countries in the world. This concert was the epitome of Viennese musical culture and the cult experienced on TV screens worldwide.

As background for the television broadcast thematically related images are displayed in some plants. Also live danced ballet sequences are shown again and again from the Schönbrunn Palace for the television viewers. For the first time in 2007 and already pre-recorded ballet pieces from the Baroque garden of the castle courtyard were leaked. Is danced by the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera, the Volksoper, the Bavarian State Opera as well as international guest stars.
2007 initiated after 1990, 1995 and 1998 for the fourth time Zubin Mehta the New Year concerts.
The picture is directed by the English director since 1991 Brian Large.

Traditionally, the two dress rehearsals, one of which is reserved for members of the Austrian army. First time in 2006 one of the rehearsals was broadcast live on the ice rink of the Vienna Ice Skating Association.

  • J. Strauss’ On the Beautiful Blue Danube ‘,’ Emperor Waltz ‘,’ Roses from the South “,” Trich-gossip ” – Polka
  • J. Brahms ‘Hungarian Dances’
  • P. Sara Rich ‘Gypsy Airs’
  • S. Moniuszko ‘Halka’
  • A. Dvorak ‘Slavonic Dances’ and other works by Lutoslawski: Hurra Polka
  • Glinka “Ruslan and Ludmila”
  • Tchaikovsky: “Trepak”
  • Rossini: “William Tell”