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The project presented in the context of the anniversary of the end of four hundred years after the death of El Greco, and refers to life (step by step), the great painter of the late Renaissance, especially in the beginning of the monastery of St. Catherine in the vicinity of the modern Heraklion where he trained as a painter in Venice, where he studied in workshop of Titian and finally in Toledo, where he met with great love in the face of Heronim, the risks in the hall of the Inquisition and the recognition by Spanish society and the whole universe.

Throughout this tour, both in painting and in life, the invisible hand seemed to show the way to immortality. And with the passage of time, the route was justified. The courage to innovation, deep spirituality, and especially the integrated 143 paintings, gave another dimension to exploration and Arts, timeless and universal dimension. Indeed, El Greco remains valid modernity. The forms of his work for human tasks existential encounter today. Many artistic movements, from impressionism to expressionism, as he claimed, their precursor. Large contemporary artists, from Paul Cézanne to Pablo Picasso, referred to in his work. But the uniqueness and still persists today, and like all geniuses it is not classified, but also illuminates the way for future generations.

In the above mentioned opera “El Greco” is a recording of this route. From Crete to Italy, and from there to Spain, the great Greek painter looking for forms, the divine breath that unite us again with the Creator. The tragedy of man to remain nailed to the ground, and his soul wants to fly, is El Greco driving force that inspires the life and art. In the throws him for eternity, wings of a great ancestor offers Icarus. Only those wings when it t acquire three passions overcome. Passion for centuries poison human society: wealth, fame and power.

In three acts and seven scenes, the following structures of classical opera arias, duets, trios and quartets, solo, choirs, simple recitative and dance, orchestral and innovative sides director presented the uphill road a great and versatile Greek, finally crossing the temptations and dangers and win the battle from oblivion.

The same applies to a person who in N. Kazantzakis “Report to Greco excellent work” and that is that still stands today next to people looking for hope and identity, offering a vision of courage, honesty and beauty.


Libretto: Elias Liam

The orchestra “Armonia Mondialis” directed by Dr. Dariusz Tomasz Mikulski

Direction, sets and dramaturgy: Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: LEDIO Konxholli

Choreography: Ricardo Cue

Lighting: Giuseppe di Iorio

Orchestration: Cristian Carrara

The harmonization – choirs coordination: Chryssoula Tsimouris

Rhythmic Translation: Carlo TorrianiTania Kitsou

Production Coordination: Maria Xanthopoulou MSCVoula Touloudis Panagiotis Alexopoulos

Supervising the execution of production: Angel Karaindrou


The role will be carried out:

Dario di Vietri (tenor) – El Greco

SilviaDalla Bennett (soprano) – SofiaCheronima

Marita Paparizou – Sylvana

Omar CAMAT (baritone) – Titian

Carlo Torriani – Governor Molino

Paul Zahariades – Icarus

Sotiris roses (baritone) – Peter II Painter, the second Inquisitor

Harris Andrianos – Manolis

Christos Priftis (Bass) – painter, I inquisitor

Theophilus Ioannides (Baritone) – Kalogeros, Paravithinio, III Inquisitor

Ievgenie Gunko (Basso Profondo) – The Grand Inquisitor

Fanis Kafousias (ithopoios.choreftis) – Marquis de Cuevas-Bacchus


Participating choirs: NTUA choir, the choir “Lira seven string” Ag Efthimios Keratsini, Children’s Choir Greek-French school in Joseph

Digitization of the musical material: ART SYNTHESIS LTD, Efstathios Tsimouris

Production Management – Organization: ELKE School of Fine Arts, which is also responsible for the implementation of the project “cultural events for El Greco as an expression of artistic creation” (MIS 474631) ESPA 2007-2013 Operational Programme “Attica” on the recommendation of the Little Opera World.

Project leader: Prof. George Charvalias

Deputy Head of John V. Sidiropoulos, Technical Advisor – VSkinothetis.