Vienna Royal Artist Orchestra

The tradition of Vienna New Year’s concerts appeals to the last century. With many years of stage experience, faithful to the performance tradition and program design, the musicians of the Vienna Royal Artist Orchestra have become the undisputed masters of this musical discipline.

There is hardly anything more beautiful than being carried off into the world of Viennese charm – Johann Strauss (father) born in 1804, the undeniable ruler of three-quarter time, became the “King of the Waltz”, as Richard Wagner once called him. Through him and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard, who soon emulated him, the waltz became the most important dance of the 19th century.


The Strauss family raised popular music to a previously unknown level. Johann Strauss (father) created the foundation for this with his orchestra. He gave the Viennese waltz its specific form and as a result, it gained acclaim of a wide audience.

However, his title of king of the waltz was soon contested by his own son Johann, who developed the waltz into the art form we admire so much today. Alma Mahler, Gustav Mahler's wife, even wrote in her diary after the death of Johann Strauss (son): "In my opinion, the classic through and through and the greatest musical genius that ever lived...!"

A concert by the Vienna Royal Artist Orchestra is always a social experience with lots of Viennese humor and unforgettable musical highlights.